Why we built a platform for independent craft breweries.

A Letter from the Founder

In 2011, I got my first gig in craft beer world at Stone Brewing. On my first day of the job, Brewmaster at the time Mitch Steele, dipped a large syringe into some bourbon-barrel-aged Imperial Russian Stout and let me have a taste. I was hooked. Fast forward 4 years, working alongside the likes of eccentric, marketing guru CEO & Co-Founder Greg Koch, I worked on various cross-platform campaigns that helped elevate the Stone brand and launched iconic beers such Stone Enjoy By IPA to market. Heck, we even took home "best booth design" from the Great American Beer Festival in 2013.

In 2015, I started Paradeigm, a marketing & communications agency geared to providing small businesses with high-quality professional marketing services at an affordable price. Four years in, the team has saved small businesses from going under, launched startups off the ground, built huge social media followings, won multiple awards and most importantly, I built an amazing team.

As the craft beer landscape has changed and multi-billion dollar beer conglomerates continue acquiring craft breweries, the fear of an industry 'bubble bursting' started to spread, and we wanted to help more independent craft breweries take back the revolution they rightfully started.

So in 2018, the team at Paradeigm sought to answer the question: How can we make an affordable, scalable cloud-based technology and web platform that helps independent craft breweries SELL MORE BEER?

Much like the small team that's behind-the-scenes, creating PageBuilder, independent craft breweries have fewer resources to market their companies in order to attract more craft beer drinkers to their tasting rooms & help fans find their beer on store shelves or on tap at restaurants. So, we began building a subscription-based platform that could help not just a handful of select breweries but ALL independently-owned craft breweries in the United States. A platform where a professional website would cost just a couple hundred bucks per month instead of a hefty 20-30 thousands of dollar price tag. A platform ONLY for independent craft breweries to use; and, one that we could continuously update, push new features to members and help independent craft breweries sell more beer.

2019 PageBuilder™ by Paradeigm was born: A cloud-based, sales, marketing & website builder, specifically tailored and only available for independent craft breweries.

We’re very proud to say that some of the early adopters and craft brewing businesses currently using the platform are Pizza Port Brewing Co., San Diego Brewers Guild 2019 Rhythm & Brews Festival and a few other awesome breweries around San Diego County.

We’re excited for the future of PageBuilder and look forward to helping independent craft breweries further the 'Craft Beer Revolution,' a movement that was once started by small business owners creating the best sales, marketing & technology needed to sell more beer and stay in business.

Cheers to independent craft beer!

Stephen Brucher

Paradeigm & PageBuilder, CEO & Founder